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Introducing HR1: Your Comprehensive HCM/HR Solution for Streamlined Operations Discover HR1, your all-in-one Human Capital Management (HCM) and Human Resources (HR) solution designed to enhance and optimize your HR operations.
HR1 encompasses the entire employee lifecycle, from seamless onboarding and user-friendly self-service options to a smooth exit process. Leveraging the flexible Salesforce platform, HR1 can be easily configured to align with your company's unique needs.

Tailored for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs), HR1 is meticulously crafted to centralize and simplify all your HR tasks within a single, powerful application. Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple software solutions or managing data in cumbersome Excel spreadsheets.

At HR1, we understand the challenges of transitioning from existing HR software or manual processes. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through a smooth migration to HR1 on Salesforce, ensuring that you harness the full potential of our robust HR solution.

Experience the future of HR management with HR1, where efficiency meets simplicity, all on the Salesforce platform.

Why HR1 ?

Releco HR1 offers a singular platform catering to all your HR requirements. Leveraging the robust capabilities of the Salesforce Cloud, it boasts a unique set of features designed to maintain perfect alignment between your Human Capital Management and your business needs.

"Human capital is key to growing the top line and providing for a sustainable competitive advantage"

Collaborative & Extensible HCM

Comprehensive Integrated HCM Solution with Intelligent Dashboards. Everything at one place with streamlined HR process & Employee friendly.

Dynamic & Flexible with Real-Time Analytics

On-demand HRMS platform, adaptive to Organization HR policy changes. Data at your fingertips for On-time & Efficient operations

Transparency & Talent Management

Increased insights into your organization Process, Policies & Decisions. From “Disconnected” employees to “Motivated” employees. Gain Productivity, Save Cost!

Integration & Customizations

Easy to integrate with external or legacy application. Effortlessly Customize various aspect of the application like UI, Accessibility and Security etc.

Mobility & Cloud – Anytime, Anywhere

Access to information anywhere, anytime, be able to make quick Decisions, Ensure Business Continuity!

Releco HR1 is Complete HCM on Salesforce; Visit AppExchange


Comprehensive HCM Solution enabling optimized and efficient HR operations.
Seamless integration with company's Digital roadmap and be a connected & driven enterprise. Increases employer-employee connect leading to employee satisfaction and retention..


Awesome Features

Releco HR1 enables employer-employee interaction and engagement a seamless and smooth experience leading to increased employee satisfaction and retention

Employee Information

Efficiently capture a range of employee details, encompassing personal information, educational background, and dependent records, among others


Effortlessly track and manage employee work hours with our Timesheet feature in the HR1


Efficiently manage employee leaves with our comprehensive Leave Management system

Travel Request

Streamline travel requests effortlessly with our Travel Request feature


Simplify expense reimbursement processes for your employees with our flexible & user-friendly features

Training & Skills

Enhance employee skills and development with our Training Management feature


Facilitate transparent and productive employee appraisals with our Appraisal Management tool


Incentivize and recognize exceptional performance with our Rewards Management feature

Service Request

Efficiently handle and resolve service requests with our Service Request Management solution


Monitor and manage employee attendance effortlessly with our Attendance Tracking feature


Streamline and optimize your recruitment process with our Recruitment Management solution

Exit Plan

Efficiently manage employee departures with our Exit Management feature

Pay View/Benefits

Access and review your pay and benefits information seamlessly with our Pay View/Benefits feature

Work Schedule

Effortlessly create and manage employee work schedules with our Employee Work Schedule feature

Easy Employee Onboarding

Streamlined onboarding processes make a seamless transition for new employees, fostering productivity and engagement from day one.


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Relecotech stands for Reliable & Economical Technology for the Clients. Our Misson is to provide Information Technology solutions globally, enhancing competitive advantage of customers, founded on contemporary technologies, and practices, innovation, empowered people and enduring relationships.

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Multi Capability

Comprehensive HCM Solution enabling optimized and efficient HR operations. Seamless integration with company's Digital roadmap and be a connected & driven enterprise. Increases employer-employee connect leading to employee satisfaction and retention.

Releco HR1 is comprehensive & flexible HR Solution for Your Business. It provides easy integration with third party application (simple to bring in data from external system or export data)

  • Comprehensive Integrated Solution
  • Dynamic & Flexible
  • Mobile Enabled
  • Compatible - Work any time anywhere

Our Process

Our team focuses on highly qualitative, timely & precise application deployment.














Releco HR1 is Salesforce OEM application. It comes bundled with Salesforce Platform licenses. No need to buy Salesforce licenses separately..
Please write to us for product pricing. We will be happy to discuss your requirement and assist you with Onboarding and Setup.
*We offer Special discounts for non-profit organization.

Additional Features

Employee Search


Activity Calendar


Org Chart

Custom Reports

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Change is imminent

Increasing diversity is forcing organizations to fight a “war on talent”. Human capital is key to growing the top line and providing for a sustainable competitive advantage . It is the spirit of the people that increases value of intangible assets like brand, reputation, leadership & strategy. From “disconnected” employees to “motivated” employees enabling organizations to be a connected & driven enterprise. All things being equal, increasing the quality of your organization’s human capital will propel Company to greater heights in todays competitive landscape.

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